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Join Us

If you have enjoyed a stay at one of our simple hostels, want to support youth hostels these simple youth hostels or want to encourage others to visit the hostels and get to know the Outer Hebrides, then why not consider joining our Hebridean Hosteller group. You will received our Hebridean Hosteller newsletter which is published twice a year. This contains lively articles about the hostels, and the communities in which we operate and keeps you up to date with the work of the Trust, including work parties.

You can look at our back issues here.

Membership costs £15 per year. You can also become a Life Member for a one-off donation of £300. Life membership donations are invested in Charifund, a unit trust specifically designed for charities. The income from this fund is used to support maintenance of the hostels and the operation of the charity. If you are interested in becoming a Life Member, and are not already a member, please complete the membership application form but state that you wish to become a Life Member.

The Gatliff Hebridean Hostels Trust is a Company Limited by guarantee. All members must sign the ‘Guarantee’ contained within the Membership Application form (see link below). Guarantee reads as follows:

“In the event of the Gatliff Hebridean Trust being wound up while I am a member, or in the course of the year following the date of my cessation of membership, I agree to contribute a sum not exceeding £1 should I be requested to do so.”

Our Trust is run entirely by volunteers thus helping to maintain “the Gatliff Difference” and keeping our charges as low as possible. Why not consider becoming a volunteer?

You will be committing your time and skills, with others, to help maintain our hostels. The Trust presents a range of rewarding and positive experiences in a variety of contexts with opportunities to gain transferable, life enhancing, skills. There are Trustee lead work parties at the hostels once or twice a year but there are also opportunities for individual enterprise and initiative. Whilst we do ask volunteers to work within the agreed policies, priorities and budget of the Trust, we also require individuals to take ownership of projects. All our electrical, gas and plumbing work has to be carried out by property certificated tradespeople, but there is plenty of scope for people who are interested in traditional skills, such as thatching and stone work. There is also plenty of painting, cleaning and gardening work to be done at the hostels and plenty of planning, sorting and sourcing work to be done behind the scenes.

Work at the hostels represents only the tip of the iceberg of what is required to keep the hostels alive. Volunteering behind the scenes is equally important, and rewarding. for those who have numerical and organisational skills.

We would be delighted to welcome you to membership of the Gatliff Hebridean Hostels Trust. You can download an application form here. Membership runs from 1 January to 31 December. To be sure of a vote at the AGM members must renew their subscription by 1st May.

If you wish to become a volunteer please email