Photo Gallery Howmore

Ten images of Howmore.  Please click on each image or image caption for a larger version.

1024 Howmore Hostel

1  Howmore Hostel

1024 Annex Howmore

2  The Annex to the hostel

1024 Kitchen Howmore

3  The modern kitchen at the hostel

1024 Chapel and YH

4 The location of the hostel between ancient chapels and modern church

1024 Howmore road

5  Fields and water by the road to the hostel

1024 Croftland at Howmore

6 Croft land at Howmore

1024 Howmore River

7 Where the Howmore River meets the sea

1024 Uist west coast at Howmore

8  The long Uist coastline at Howmore

1024 Lochan above Howmore

9  The hills of South Uist above Howmore

1024 Loch Druidibeg Nature Reserve

10 Loch Druidibeg RSPB Reserve by Howmore